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  • Typically 2-3 business days but it depends on the applicant, employers, and landlords.
  • All adult applicants ages 18+ must submit a fully completed, dated and signed rental application and application fee.


Non-refundable fee per applicant (person): $68.00 
This must accompany the completed application form provided to you by our company. Incomplete applications or applications submitted without the proper application fees will not be considered or processed.


You will need a completed and signed rental application, $50.00 fee, and copy of photo ID.

  • Valid, current photo ID documentation (driver's license or passport) is required.
  • Upon receipt of your rental application and application fee, you can expect and hereby authorize that we will:
  • Check your credit report
  • Check the public records for any past evictions
  • Verify your current and previous employment
  • Verify your current and previous landlord references
  • Perform a criminal background check
  • Once you have been notified of your approval, you must sign a lease within 72 hours. Due to the high demand for rental properties, we will not hold the property you applied for off the rental market for more than 72 hours. If you do not comply with this requirement, we may rent the property you applied for to someone else. After submitting a signed lease to our office you will have 72 hours to pay the lease initiation funds, as outlined in your Approval Notification. This may include a security deposit, pet deposit, and first month's rent.
  • All applicants must see the interior of the property before an application can be submitted. The property must be accepted in ''AS IS'' condition before an application can be accepted, except where requested as part of this application and accepted in writing by Allison Ables Property Management. If your maintenance and repair request are acceptable to the property owner and Allison Ables Property Management, then the agreement will be written in the lease or lease addendum.
  • Verbal representations are non-binding. In the event that the manager receives two or more unrelated applications for the same property, the applicant understands the owner may select the applicant desiring the property in ''AS-IS'' condition, over another applicant requesting maintenance or repairs. In all cases the application fee is non-refundable.
  • Agency: Tenant is given notice that Allison Ables Property Management is the agent of the Landlord/Owner.


Income: Applicants must have a minimum household income of three (3) times the monthly rent.

  • Incomes must be verified in writing by employers, applicant may provide recent pay stubs.
  • A minimum of 12 months employment history is required.
  • Self-employed applicants are required to provide two (2) years of signed tax returns or IRS 1099 forms. Non employed applicants must provide proof of income.
  • All sources of income must be verifiable.

Current and Previous Rentals: Rental history must be rated satisfactory or better with no record of evictions or slow pays within the previous seven (7) years. We reserve the right to require a cosigner and/or a higher security deposit. Cosigners are accepted at the owner's or the manager's sole discretion, must meet all requirements and must reside in the State of Florida. A minimum of two years of residence history is required.>

  • Previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect timely payments, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbance or illegal activities, no NSF checks, and no damage or failure to leave the property clean and without damage when you left the property.

Credit Report and Background Check: Credit history and/or Civil Court records must not contain slow pays, judgments, eviction filings, collections, liens or bankruptcy within the past five (5) years. We will not provide you with the credit report or tell you of its contents, but will provide you with the name of the credit reporting agency so you may receive a copy from the credit bureau. All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered confidential in nature and for company use only.

  • Criminal records must not contain any convictions for felonies within the past seven (7) years. Applicant must not have a felony record that was adjudicated guilty or had adjudication withheld for the past seven (7) years, or any conviction of any length of time for any drug related, sexual related, murder related or arson related crime.

Other Requirements:

  • Current occupancy standards are a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom, except for infants under 4 years of age. However, some city and county municipalities and/or homeowners associations or condominium associations prohibit more than three (3) unrelated adults to reside in a single family dwelling unit. Consequently, Allison Ables Property Management also prohibits the rental of a single family dwelling to more than three (3) unrelated adults unless otherwise agreed to in the written lease agreement.


Pets (with the exception of documented service animals) of any kind are only permitted with specific written permission of the property owner or Allison Ables Property Management in the lease document, and a nonrefundable fee, an additional deposit or higher rent. If a higher fee, deposit or rent amount is required by the owner, you will be notified before a lease is prepared. The following dog breeds will not be allowed in our properties: German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Presa Canarios, Staffordshire Terriers, Chows, Rottweilers or any mix breeds that are part of the foregoing breeds. All pets must be approved by Allison Ables Property Management and the property Owner. Service animals with documentation are not considered pets.


Security deposits: are security for faithful performance by tenants of all terms, covenants, and conditions of the lease agreement and tenants may not dictate that the security deposit be used for any rent due. Unless claimed due to a breach of lease or damages, the security deposit is refundable when the tenants move out of the property at the expiration of the lease term. The minimum security deposit amount is equal to the monthly rental rate. Any exceptions to these criteria will need to be submitted in writing to Allison Ables Property Management for presentation to the landlord for consideration.


Multiple Applications: If multiple applications are received for the same property, we will process all applications for consideration. In order to evaluate the various applications, it is necessary for Allison Ables Property Management to expend time and cost in credit reports, criminal reports and other administrative costs. Hence, it is our policy that the application fee is non-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee, for up to 30 days after the original application date listed on this application.


Realtors: Allison Ables Property Management allows other Realtors to grant you access to preview our properties. Once your application is submitted to Allison Ables Property Management, the approval/rejection process (if any) will be handled by Allison Ables Property Management exclusively.


A Sample Lease is available for download by clicking the following link: Allison Ables Sample Lease Agreement. A hard copy version is available for pickup at our office. Any proposed changes to the lease must be requested in this application and must be approved by the Owner.


Keys will be released on the first (1st) day of occupancy as stated in the lease agreement. Request for keys earlier must be accompanied with additional pro-rated rent and must have the owner's prior approval. Before keys can be released, all rents and deposits must be paid and you must provide proof of utility confirmation.


Utility Confirmation: Proof that you have transferred the utilities to your name as of the first (1st) day of occupancy as stated in the lease agreement will be required before keys can be released. You can obtain the proof of connection from the utility company or companies.


Payments: All payments due, including first month's rent, security deposit and any additional deposits must be paid in full on or before the date stated in the lease agreement. No keys will be released until payment is made in full. All initial funds must be paid by cashier's check or money order or wired payable to Allison Ables Property Management. Subsequent payments thereafter may be paid by personal check.


Maintenance and Repairs: When you rent a property from our company, we strive to ensure that all items are in good working order prior to your arrival. Please report any maintenance or repair requests during your first 7 days of possession. Please report emergencies immediately. All requests should be made via your online portal for efficient processing.


This Rental Process and Application Disclosure is hereby made an integral part of my/our rental application.


By completing and signing the Allison Ables Rental Application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Application Disclosure. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the information provided in this Application Disclosure, contact the office at 352-371-1828 and a representative will be happy to assist you. Keep in mind the application fee is non-refundable. However, your rental application will be good for 30 days after completion. If you are ready to continue, please click the link for the Allison Ables Rental Application to begin.